Garywayne Skis


Garywayne skis feature Omnidirectional technology: full rocker, full reverse sidecut, and a revolutionary convex base. The combination of these factors allows for smoother transitions between turns and a greater ability to drift while still being able to set an edge.



They’re 180cm long with a 180mm waist to provide superior flotation, while the narrow tip and tail keep the swing weight down. This severe reverse side cut gives the ski a streamlined shape, providing a smoother ride by allowing more area of the ski to affect fresh snow. The convex base or side to side rocker lets you roll over from edge to edge on such a fat ski. It also keeps the leading edge off the snow and free from catching anything during a turn or drift.

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 Garywayne 165mm waist. New for 2013/14

185cm long x 165mm waist. Slightly more conventional feel than the 180mm with the same convex base and rocker.

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The Li'l Waynes:

These yet to be tested prototype kid's pow skis are designed for an 8 year old. 138cms long and 130mm under foot. Stay tuned for details of the maiden voyage.

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