Upsidedown and Sideways: Bailey Mitchell's South American Garywayne experience from garywayne on Vimeo.

garywayne omnidirectional skiing from garywayne on Vimeo.

New omnidirectional skis by garywayne. Tested at Powder Mountain, Whistler, and Mt. Baker. Skiing by Sheldon Steckman and Bailey Mitchell.

First time Garywayners Schmear Blackcomb, Aprill 11, 2011. from garywayne on Vimeo.

Riders: Mike Shaw, BC Pipe and Park Ski Team Head Coach; Eddie Hicks, Canadian Mogul Team Athlete; Hunter Visser, BC Pipe and Park Team Athlete; and local leisurely shredder Dave Morse, more commonly known as Skier Dave.

The fleet dispersed on Balckcomb with all 4 skiers new to the Garywayne. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming...

"This changes skiing!" - Mike Shaw

"After you drop something big and land in pow, it is like someone is there just holding you." - Hunter Visser

Gary on my Wayneward son. There'll be schmear when you are done. Put your cambered sticks to rest! Don't you carve no more!

Cam goes Wayne from garywayne on Vimeo.

Cam Archer testing out some garywaynes in the trees on Whistler mountain.

Camp of Champions at Powder Mountain Catskiing from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.